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There are a million ways to grow your email list and I plan to dedicate some time and a few blog posts to different ways for offline entrepreneurs to do so.

But first, the big no-no: I have often seen “Join the newsletter” on a website, but let’s be real, who in their right mind would be excited about that offer? Why would I want to join your newsletter? I have plenty of emails sitting in my Inbox already, what’s my incentive to add yours? ‘Join my newsletter’ is the weakest and laziest way to grow your email list and chances are, unless your website is already an amazing and trusted resource for your readers, not many people will decide to do so.

The most popular and talked about way to grow your email list is the opt-in (also referred to the giveaway, or the freebie). With this strategy, you deliver something to your clients that is supremely useful or awesome, something they would probably pay money for, absolutely free. In order to get this awesome freebie, they need to give you their name and email address.

Here are a handful of ideas to get your thinker thinking: 

  • P2P-survey-graphicTips sheet
  • Resource list
  • Tutorial
  • Ebook
  • Worksheet
  • Checklist
  • Free trial membership
  • A challenge
  • A free consultation
  • Webinar
  • A template you use
  • Video series
  • A test
  • Calendar updates – with upcoming events

For online entrepreneurs, we know to be creating opt-ins. And brainstorming opt-ins isn’t a far stretch for us, this is the world we live in. But, what if you are an offline service provider? What if you do financial planning and your target client is women who are thinking about going through a divorce? Or you’re a contractor and you’re trying to grow your plumbing, remodeling, or handyman business?

In my opinion, offline service providers have even more reason to add a freebie to their website. Your ideal customer needs to feel comfortable with you and know how you differ from your competition to want to work with you. If you really want to prosper, to grow your business to a level that provides financial stability and freedom, your online presence and your marketing need to be a key component of that. And if we’re talking marketing, you better have a good email or relationship marketing strategy.

Here is what you need to start thinking about:

What are your clients wants, desires, needs, or biggest doubts? How could you make them feel more at ease?

Remember not to just copy what someone else is doing, but really think about you, your company, and your customers. I’ve created a brainstorming worksheet just for you. In it, I will ask you questions to get you thinking about the types of things that your customers would be excited to opt-in for on your website.

Grab the worksheet here. 


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