About Us

About Plans 2 Prosper

Here at Plans 2 Prosper, we work with entrepreneurs who are done with mediocrity and ready to kick serious butt in their business.  Tired of not having enough money? Enough clients? Enough time? We get it! We believe that if you are going to have a business, you should be successful. You deserve to have all of the ideal customers you can handle, finances that work for you, and be proud of all areas in your business.


We support entrepreneurs to ensure they are super successful online. Our company is semi-famous in three key areas:

  1. We create websites that look professional.
  2. Converting visitors on your website.
  3. Ranking high and being found in the search engines so people can find you.


We also create rockin' online strategies that include social media, email marketing, and sales funnels all with the goal of getting you more paying customers, more raving fans, and ultimately, more money.

About Angie

Angie hand in pocket

Angie Scheribel (pronounced share-able) is the founder of Plans 2 Prosper. She is an entrepreneur and LOVES it! She loves the challenge, the excitement, the purpose, the ideas, all of it. Entrepreneurship lights her fire and she loves partnering with other entrepreneurs so that they can do what they love and be successful at it.


Along with her husband, Angie owns a construction contracting business. In fact, this was where she first got a taste at being an entrepreneur. Many of the skills she has today, she developed out of necessity - as a means of making her own business successful. 


She studied online marketing, search engine optimization, and  how to have a successful website for her own business and discovered that not only was she good at it, but she absolutely loved it. She was hooked - and there was no turning back.  She has now invested years putting her marketing and web design skills to use for other entrepreneurs. She is constantly furthering her education in online marketing, because it's always changing, and she is dedicated to bringing the best to her own and her clients' businesses.


A few fun facts:

  • She's a Colorado girl through and through. She would say that means that she's down-to-earth and innovative (she's pretty proud of her Colorado tribe).
  • She's the mom of three awesome kids, one teenage boy, and two younger girls.
  • She is totally bilingual (English & Spanish), having lived in Mexico (Cabo San Lucas, not exactly roughing it) for three years.


About The Team:

Candy Zulkosky

Candy Zulkosky - Copywriter

Author CaZ understands the power behind being passionate about your business and your life’s endeavors. As a content developer and writer, she listens, learns, and comes to understand your goals and your purpose—and then delivers the right words to mix with the images that communicate your website’s message.

As a Book Writer Success Coach and all around cheerleader for her clients, CaZ brings together the full package—clarity, communication, and conversion.

In her recently published books, Purpose Powered People and Purpose to Author-ity, CaZ (also known as Candy Zulkosky), shares aspects of her own journey and explains how anyone can find and follow their own story, their passion to become a published author.


Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson - Strategist

We are proud to have Jessica Peterson of Simply WOW Agency to work with us on select projects. She has a couple decades of experience in top sales, TEDx Speaker, best selling author, several top women awards, patent owner and more! She delivers a ton of value when it comes to creating a rock solid brand online and offline. If you like to bring her on the project, just let us know!


David Herring - SEO

David Herring has an affinity for expeditions and sharing experiences with family and friends. 

His web experience and strategy were developed through 9 years in web, graphic, and website management. He has seen the ebb and flow of the industry trends, all the while observing its trajectory forward. This experience provides unique insight into the rhythm of online media including methods for managing clients web presence. 

David has assisted businesses, educational establishments and non-profits in content development, website management and maintenance in popular formats such as Squarespace, WordPress and Joomla. He has consulted for website system design, distance education and web conferencing solutions. David will take the insights learned from his industry experience and apply it to your SEO needs.

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